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It seems that in my lazy, sporadic quest to deliver the finest nothing on the Internet, I have overplayed my attitude. As the only reader of this blog, I have brought it to my attention that some of these posts are a little over-the-top with the profanity. The F-word is at 11. I have learned nothing from the wisdom I displayed in Lorraine’s Post. So I just wanted to say to all of my readers, me, that going forward I will continue to be inappropriate and immature and profane. But I will also be much less gratuitous. It’s something that I think I will appreciate.

Rest assured Jeff, this blog will continue to offer absolutely no informational value. There will be no rhetorical, philosophical, political, intellectual benefit to reading what I write. With just a little less profanity, you’ll be getting just a little less nothing.

Read Goiter Man. And enjoy your braincation.

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